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NORRN Annual Conference

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As a local node of NORRN, the NTNU Open Science Network invites everyone in Trondheim to view the conference together at D-lab, Dragvoll (MazeMap). Bring your lunch and join us!

Programme and registration

Practices and guidance at NTNU

Practices and guidance at NTNU

All NTNU publications must be archived in NTNU Open to ensure open access, as stated in the Policy for Open Science.

All publications that are uploaded to Cristin will be accessible in NTNU Open and thus comply to the open access requirements.

See what agreements for Open Access publishing at NTNU cover. Information about publication funding arrangements.


Publishing at NTNU


Research data at NTNU should be managed according to best practice and be as open as possible and as closed as necessary. Data containing personal information must be processed according to GDPR and NTNU guidelines.

All research projects at NTNU should develop a Data Management Plan describing how the research data will be managed.

Research data at NTNU can be published and shared openly in our repository for research data, NTNU Open Research Data.

Research Data at NTNU

Source code and software developed in research projects and other academic activities, should be included as a part of published research results.

Together with publication of research data, this facilitates testing and validation of analyses and models, and enables reuse and further development of the code or software.

Many aspects of best practice for research data management are applicable to source code. This includes versioning, documentation and metadata ensuring research output that is as FAIR, open and reproducible as possible. Nevertheless, there are some considerations and practicalities that are specific for source code, including licensing.

Open source at NTNU



To store and share digital learning resources, NTNU offers a cloud-based service that makes it easy to use the same learning resources in several places, across subjects, programs, systems and institutions. The system used is DLR and is provided by Sikt. 

Sharing digital learning resources




Open science concerns the entire research cycle, from pre-registration via open methods and analysis to open access and peer review, for example:

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Mini calevent portlet


Research support - open science text


Open science at NTNU

Openness throughout the research process is of central at NTNU. Open Science adheres to the scientific ideals of knowledge as a common good, independent, reproducible research and organized skepticism, and contributes to fulfilling NTNU's vision of knowledge for a better world. 

Research support - network


Research Data Alliance (RDA)

RDA is a global organization that works to enable open sharing and reuse of research data. 

Information about the Norwegian node (NO-RDA)

The Norwegian Reproducibility Network (NORRN)

NORRN is a peer-led network that aims to promote and enable rigorous, robust and transparent research practices in Norway.

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