Taking photographs yourself: Photography without flash is permitted and you may use these images freely – with the correct reference to the source material. If you ordered digitization services from the library, the following terms and conditions apply:

Use fee: A fee for use must be paid each time the image is published in a new publication.

Use fee per subject for one-time use (regardless of the number of copies), including Internet use: NOK 500

Use fee, including Internet use (regardless of the number of copies): NOK 200

Student papers are not regarded as publications. This means that no use fee has to be paid for the use of images in a master’s or bachelor’s thesis. Only the digitization work is invoiced.


Illustrations - price per subject

Prices for Gunnerus Library

Low resolution 

0-1 MB kr. 50

High resolution  

1-20 MB kr 150
21-50 MB kr 200
Over 50 MB kr 300

Digitization of entire books and manuscripts

1-10 pages kr 500
After this kr 10 pr page.                 


Illustrations - price per subject

Prices for Dora Library
Same like Gunnerus Library  

Archive material

For free up to kr 150  
Over kr 150 kr 4 pr page.                 
If the document has to be scanned external price depends on the document

VAT is charged in addition to this.

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