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The Theatre Collection

The items in the Gunnerus library’s theatre collection dates back to the 18th century. The oldest part of the collection is Den Selmerske samling [The Selmer collection], named after the theatre director Gustav Wilhelm Selmer. The objects in the Selmer collection – playscripts, acting copies, posters and some sheet music -  span across more than two centuries: from 1724 to 1932. The library’s theatre collection is constantly growing as new objects such as playscripts, posters, playbills, flyers and programmes are acquired.



Search for scripts in the Selmer Collection 1724-1932 (PDF)

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We also have private archives from older theatre activities in Trondheim:  Throndhjems Theater 1861-1865 in private archive No. 9.



Search in Throndhjems Theater 1861-1865 (register)

A catalogue of repertoires has been created (catalogue 11) with author, title and premiere date details for Throndhjems Theater.



Search in the Archives from Trondhjem Nationale Scene, 1911-1927, private archives No. 31 (register)

Archives from Trøndelag Teater, 1937- (and older material from theatrical history), private archives No. 52.

Information about playwrights, show titles and artistic staff:



Trondhjem Nationale Scene og Trøndelag teater : en repertoarfortegnelse 1911-27, 1937-91 (catalogue of repertoires, in Norwegian)

From 1937, we have an almost complete collection of playscripts. From the autumn of 2009, we also have digital scripts. Contact the staff if you are looking for acting copies, posters, playbills, flyers and programmes We also have a number of character portraits (actors on stage). Theatre models are stored in the Dora Library.



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Stage models from 1949-1994 are stored in the Dora Library