Anne Trine Kjørholt

Professor. Vice Dean for Research Norwegian Centre for Child Research (NOSEB)

+47 73596241 +47 91897607
Dragvoll, Loholt allé 87, Paviljong C*121

Background and activities

Graduated with a doctoral degree in education at NTNU in 2003 with the thesis title “Childhood as a Social and Symbolic Space: Discourses on Children as Social Participants in Society”. Hovedfag (Masters) in special education from AVH in 1988 with the thesis title “Just for fun: Social roles and relations in children’s play in day-care”. Pre-school/day-care education from Teachers Training College in Bergen in 1975 . Associate Professor since 1995 and Director of Norwegian Centre for Child Research since 2003. Project leader for following research projects: Children as New Citizens and the Best Interest of the Child - Challenges for Modern Democracies (2005-2009); The modern child and the flexible labour market (together with Jens Qvortrup, 2003-2008); Children, young people and local knowledge in Ethiopia and Zambia (2007-2011). Academically responsible for both the international master’s programme (MPhil) in Childhood Studies and PhD in Interdisciplinary Child Research.
Research fields:
 - Discourses on childhood
 - Children’s rights and perspectives
 - Citizenship
 - Children’s cultures
 - Early childhood education and care
 - Children’s welfare, time and space