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Background and activities

Selected work experience

  • 01.01.1985 – 01.02.1988. Vitenskapsmuseet, Univ. of Trondheim:  Scholarship. The Vega project. Mesolithic settlement patterns, research strategies and cultural heritage management (cf. Bjerck 1989, 1990).
  • 25.10 – 31.01.1990. Norges allmennvitenskapelige forskningsråd: Research leader. Administration of the program «Forskning om kulturminnevern» (FOK) (Research on Cultural resource management).
  • 01.02.1990 – 21.7.1996. Nordland fylkeskommune: Arkeolog/Førstekonsulent. (Cultural heritage officer. General cultural resource management in Nordland County.
  • 21.7.1996 – 25.11.1999. Sysselmannen på Svalbard: Cultural heritage officer at The Governor of Svalbard.
  • 14.12.1999 – today. Vitenskapsmuseet, NTNU: Associate professor. 2010. Early settlements (Stone Age), research, teaching, projects, cultural resource management, public archaeology.
  • 2003–2008."NTNU Vitenskapsmuseets arkeologiske undersøkelser Ormen Lange"  Project leader. Large-scale rescue excavations, at the site of the present processing plant for the Ormen Lange gas field at Aukra, Møre and Romsdal, cf. Bjerck et al. 2008.
  • 1.03.2003 – 01.09.2005. Seksjon for arkeologi og kulturhistorie, Vitenskapsmuseet. Head of Department.
  • 2001 – 2010. Norwegian Archaeological Review (NAR, www.tandf.no/nar). Editor-in-Chief. NAR is an international scientific journal in archaeological theory and method. Ranked Nivå 2 journal in Norway (UHR), and ‘A' in the Archaeology Category in European Reference Index for Humanities (ERIH), European Science Foundation, 2007. Indexed and abstracted inThomson Reuters/Arts and Humanities Citation Index®.
  • October 2010 – today. Vitenskapsmuseet, NTNU: Professor from 2010. Early settlements (Stone Age), research, teaching, projects, cultural resource management, public archaeology. 
  • 2011 – present. Project leader "Marine Ventures", Research Counsil of Norway, Project 208828.


Research interests

Pleistocene/Holocene transition, Maritime adaptation and seascapes, Material culture studies, Dynamics and structural relations in cultural development of hunter-gatherer societies, Comparative studies, Archaeological theory and research history, Cultural heritage management, Public archaeology. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Andreassen, Elin; Bjerck, Hein Bjartmann; Olsen, Bjørnar. (2010) Persistent memories. Pyramiden - a Soviet mining town in the High Arctic. Tapir Akademisk Forlag. 2010. ISBN 978-82-519-2436-8.
  • Bjerck, Hein B.; Bjerck, Hein Bjartmann; Åstveit, Leif Inge; Åstveit, Leif Inge; Meling, Trond; Meling, Trond; Gundersen, Jostein; Jørgensen, Guro; Jørgensen, Guro; Normann, Staale; Normann, Staale. (2008) NTNU Vitenskapsmuseets arkeologiske undersøkelser Ormen Lange Nyhamna. Tapir Akademisk Forlag. 2008. ISBN 978-82-519-2335-4.
  • Bjerck, Hein Bjartmann. (1995) The North Sea Continent and the pioneer settlement of Norway. 1995. ISBN 0-946897-96-4. Man & Sea in the Mesolithic. Coastal settlement above and below present sea level. Oxbow Monograph (53).

Part of book/report

  • Bjerck, Hein Bjartmann. (2014) Fra steinalderens sjøfangst til metalltidens sjøfart. Fangstmenn, fiskerbønder og værfolk.
  • Bjerck, Hein Bjartmann. (2014) Kolonisering av den skandinaviske skjærgårdskysten og begynnelsen til sjøfangsten. Fangstmenn, fiskerbønder og værfolk.