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Background and activities

I am a biologist, but with training in both archaeology and anthropology. Research interests: Zoology (vertebrates), conservation biology, human ecology and the long-term effects of climate change and human land use on animals.

Currently I am employed as a postdoc on the project "Hunting domestic reindeer - tracing an intimate relationship between humans and reindeer through space and time". This project is tied to the archaeological project SPARC, the NFR network “Forskning i fellesskap”, and is partly financed by the Norwegian Environmental Agency.

In addition I am trying to map past and present use of alpine glaciers and ice patches by birds and mammals. See more on Frozen Fauna

Past projects:

- PhD project: "Ungulates in a dynamic and increasingly human dominated landscape". Which investigated the prehistory of moose, red deer and wild boar in Norway using distribution analysis, morphometrics, stable isotopes and ancient DNA.

- Identification of bones through hyperspectral camera.

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Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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