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Background and activities

I am a biologist, but with training in both archaeology and anthropology. Research interests: Zoology (vertebrates), conservation biology, human ecology and the long-term effects of climate change and human land use on animals.

Currently I am employed as a postdoc on the project "Hunting domestic reindeer - tracing an intimate relationship between humans and reindeer through space and time". This project is tied to the archaeological project SPARC, the NFR network “Forskning i fellesskap”, and is partly financed by the Norwegian Environmental Agency.

In addition I am trying to map past and present use of alpine glaciers and ice patches by birds and mammals. See more on Frozen Fauna

Past projects:

- PhD project: "Ungulates in a dynamic and increasingly human dominated landscape". Which investigated the prehistory of moose, red deer and wild boar in Norway using distribution analysis, morphometrics, stable isotopes and ancient DNA. Read more about the project here

- Identification of bones through hyperspectral camera.

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Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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  • Rosvold, Jørgen; Haanes, Hallvard; Andersen, Reidar; Røed, Knut H.; Bjørneraas, Kari. (2012) Artenes historie i Norge - bestandsutvikling, genetikk og forvaltning. Klauvvilt i norsk natur - historie, biologi og forvaltning.


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