Background and activities

Jorunn Helbostad is Professor in Human Movement Science, and deputy for research at Department of Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine. She is the research group leader for the cross diciplinary group Geriatrics, Movement and Stroke and is responsible for movement laboratories at INM.


  • Physiotherapist,1984
  • Master in Physiotherapy,1998
  • PhD in Medicine, 2004

Research interests:

  • Movement disorders and falls at old age
  • Measurement and interventions related to balancee, gait and physical activity
  • Development of mobile health technology solutions for promotion of movement

Ongoing research:

  • PreventIT: EU, ICT and personalised heath project aimed at preventing functional decline in young older adults.
  • ADAPT: FriBioMed project financed by the Norwegain Research Council, aimed at  developing a health application for assessment and intervention of fall risk at old age.
  • ProFouND: EU, ICT. Implementation of falls prevention in clinical practice.
  • Hip fractures: Treatment and rehabilitation following hip fractures.
  • Generation 100: Population based RCT among people 70-77 assessing the effect of physical exercise on cardiovascular disease, mortality, and on health outcomes related to functional fitness. ; fysisk trening for primært å utsette hjertekarsykdom og død, og sekundært for å bedre fungering i hverdagen


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