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Background and activities

About Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg

Professor at NTNU since 2011, President in Tekna and co-founder of Picterus AS. Interested in research, technology, innovation and industrial politics. Research interests: optical sensor technology,  image procesing, hyperspectral imaging and tissue optics. Current projects include diagnostics of neonatal jaundice, characterization of arthritis, burns and ancient documents. Contributes actively to recruitment to science in schools and popular science dissemination through media. 

Fields of interest and current research activities

Biomedical optics, including optical and thermal properties of tissue, light-tissue interactions, and diagnostic applications of medical technology such as optical imaging and spectroscopy. Research interests include instrumentation, modelling and signal processing for spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging. Our group combine physics based modeling with statistical tools, pattern recognition and machine learing. Current projects cover development of instrumentation, algorithms, and real time diagnostic systems in collaboration with industry, hyperspectral diagnostics and characterization of biological samples.

Existing and previous projects cover a wide range of inter disciplinary applications which involves medicine, physics and engineering. In 2016 we finalized the projects  IACOBUS (diagnostics of arthritis) and SEMEOTICONS (self monitoring of cardio-metabolic risk) projects. These projects were funded by EU's 7th frame program.

Starting in 2017 I will be a partner in two projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council through the FORNY program. These projects are:

268337 Lucid: a device for early, sensitive and reliable arthritis diagnosis and monitoring  
268356 OxyAid - Automatisk oksygendosering til KOLS-pasienter som behandles med langtids oksygenterapi (LTOT)  

A web page for sharing photon transport code, and code for hyperspectral analysis developed by the bio-optics group at NTNU is under construction. This code can be found at this link.

Selected projects and awards

  • OxyAid (FORNY), 2017
  • Lucid (FORNY), 2017
  • SEMEOTICONS (EU 7th frame program ), 2013
  • IACOBUS (EU 7th frame program ), 2012
  • Funding for scientific equipment, 2011, 1.8 MNOK (NTNU/AVIT).
  • Technoport Awards: Ung innovasjonspris (Young innovator award), NOK 100.000, 2007
  • American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery: ASLMS $15.000 Research Grant, 2006.
  • Norwegian Research Council (FRINAT), Personal postdoc grant, 2006 – 2009. Project no. 171276: Optical and mechanical characterization of tissue with an emphasis on forensic applications.

Curerent teaching responsibilities

Not currently teaching due to my position in Tekna.

Previous and current PhD students

  • Eivind La Puebla Larsen, Thesis entitled: Biomedical application of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging. Thesis defended Dec. 2010
  • Julio E. Hernandez-Palacios: Low light hyperspectral systems (2008– Nov. 2012)
  • Martin Denstedt: Real-time hyperspectral imaging (from 2010)
  • Lukasz Paluchowski: Hyperspectral image processing (from 2011)
  • Siw-Lindia Leirbakk Ledsaak: Bruises in childeren (co-supervisor, from 2015)
  • Asgeir Bjørgan (from 2016)


A complete  list of publications  is available in Cristin (updated January 2016) and in my Google Scholar profile. 



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