Background and activities

About Sjur dagestadSjur Dagestad has worked with innovation in the industry since 1988. Together with Tom Ødemark and Magne Bjørkhaug, he is the first winner of the Norwegian National Inventor's Price 'Reodorprisen' (1994) where they invented a flare igniting device for offshore installations. At the beginning of september 2009, they have sold flare ignitors for approx. 200 million US$. This invention made it possible for oil companies to operate without a burning flare.

Sjur has also worked as Head of Development at HTS Hans Torgersen & sønn AS, Research- and Innovation Coordinator at Teknologibedriftenes Landsforening, Research- and Development Director at Aura-gruppen and Chief of Innovation at Tomra Systems ASA. In 1993 he founded the innovation company Innoco AS. Innoco AS works with established companies which has innovation needs. Since 1994 he has been employed as professor II in innovasjon atNTNU.

Sjur is strongly interessted in innovation related matters and is the co-founder of approx. 10 companies the last years.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Dagestad, Sjur. (2014) Innovasjon i praksis: veien til den andre siden. 2014. ISBN 9788299926713.
  • Dahle, Yngve; Verde, Patrick; Dagestad, Sjur. (2010) Vekstbedriften : fra innovasjon til lønnsom bedrift. Universitetsforlaget. 2010. ISBN 978-82-15-01648-1.