Background and activities

Thomas received his PhD from King's College London. He was previously a Visiting Assistant Professor in the philosophy department at Concordia University in Montreal.


'A New Argument Against Uniqueness' - forthcoming in The Philosophical Quarterly

'Against an Inferentialist Dogma' - forthcoming in Synthese. (Published On-Line 2015)

'Phenomenology without Representation' - The European Journal of Philosophy, vol. 23/4, December 2015: 1209-1237. (First Published On-Line 2013)

'A new approach to 'perfect' hallucinations' - Journal of Consciousness Studies 21 (11-12), November 2014: 81-110.

'Belief-Norms and Blindspots' - The Southern Journal of Philosophy, vol 51:2, June 2013: 243-269.

'Visual Experience & Demonstrative Thought' - Disputatio, Vol. IV No. 30, May 2011: 69-91

'Understanding how experience "seems"' - European Journal of Analytic Philosophy, Vol 5/2, 2009: 67/78

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