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Journal publications


  • Annfelt, Trine; Andersen, Britt; Bolsø, Agnes. (2007) Når heteroseksualiteten må forklare seg. Tapir Akademisk Forlag. 2007. ISBN 978-82-519-2252-4.

Part of book/report

  • Gullikstad, Berit; Annfelt, Trine. (2016) The Au Pair Scheme as 'Cultural Exchange': Effects of Norwegian Au pair Policy on Gender Equality and Citizenship. Paid Migrant Domestic Labour in a Changing Europe. Questions of Gender Equality and Citizenship.
  • Annfelt, Trine. (2009) Mor, far og barn? Skeivt perspektiv på norsk familiepolitikk. Si meg hvem du elsker... Artikler om skeiv seksualitet og kjærlighet.
  • Annfelt, Trine. (2008) From soft fathers to the right of the sperm? Biologism as heteronorming resource. Critical studies of Gender Equalities. Nordic Dislocations, Dilemmas and Contradictions.
  • Annfelt, Trine. (2008) ”The New Father”: Gender Equality as a Discousive Resource for Family Politics. Gender equality and welfare politics in Scandinavia. The limits of political ambition?.
  • Annfelt, Trine. (2007) Heteronormal nok? Heteronormering som veileder for norsk familiepolitikk. Når heteroseksualiteten må forklare seg.