Medical Imaging Laboratory

– for Innovative Future Healthcare

MI Lab aims to facilitate cost efficient healthcare and improve patient outcome through innovations in medical imaging, and to exploit the innovations to create industrial enterprises.

A key success factor for this research environment has been the close collaboration with medical staff at Trondheim University Hospital, a partnership between NTNU and St. Olavs Hospital. This has been essential for the successful translation of medical technology innovation into new clinical practice, and for the success of the new products marketed by the individual collaborators and upstart companies.

MI Lab focuses on four main areas:

  • High quality medical imaging products and applications for non-expert users at the initial point of care;
  • Less complications and quicker rehabilitation with image-guided, minimally invasive surgery;
  • Quicker and more precise choices efficient treatment through decision-making based on advanced medical imaging;
  • The creation of new ultrasound technology as an important contribution to innovation in the areas above.

MI Lab Partners