News & Events in 2020

News & Events in 2020

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Turtle robots are less stressful for farmed salmon

turtle robot. photo.

Researchers at NTNU AMOS, in collaboration with researchers at the Talinn University of Technology and the Estonian University of Life Science, have shown how "turtle robots" are less intrusive to the salmon in Norwegian fish farms. 

Professor Martin Ludvigsen receives prestigious award

staff photo Martin Ludvigsen

The IEEE OES Autonomous Maritime Systems Rising Star Award for 2020 has been awarded to Martin Ludvigsen at the Department of Marine Technology and NTNU AMOS.​​​​

NTNU AMOS annual report for 2020 is ready

cover ntnu amos annual report 2020

The NTNU AMOS annual report for 2020 is out. You can read it here.


Into the Dark

boat in the dark. photo.

The research conducted at NTNU AMOS is opening new ways of understanding the world, but knowledge is only useful if people are aware of it, and when you want to reach a larger audience, what better way than to make a movie?

NTNU marine technology helps map the biology of the Arctic

Underwater illustration.

NTNU ocean survey technology, operated by professor Martin Ludvigsen's AUR-team, has helped researchers at UiT Norges arktiske universitet survey hydrocarbon seeps in the Arctic Oceans.

NTNU signs cooperation agreement with the European Space Agency ESA

On Monday 7 December, Rector Anne Borg, NTNU, and the head of the European Space Agency ESA Johann-Dietrich Wörner signed an agreement on cooperation. The Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering hosts the agreement.

Rector of NTNU in meeting with the head of the European Space Agency ESA Johann-Dietrich Wörner
Rector of NTNU in meeting with the head of the European Space Agency ESA Johann-Dietrich Wörner

New Norwegian alternative to GPS-navigation

PhD candidate at NTNU AMOS and the Department om Technical Cybernetics, Kristoffer Gryte, has been working on alternative GPS solutions for his doctorate. His results could change the way we operate commercial drones.

Two men and a drone. Photo.
NTNU drone pilot Pål Kvaløy with Kristoffer Gryte. Photo: Kai T. Dragland

Small brain reads 8000 messages per second

Autonomous vehicles are in the wind like never before. At NTNU, researchers have developed a circuit board that can be adapted to different drones with simple steps. Airbus has tested the system on a prototype for lunar landing.

Kretskortet SentiBoard. Foto: Wenche Kulmo
The SentiBoard circuit board has already been used in about ten doctoral degrees and more than 20 publications. It has been tried on boats, on drones with both fixed wing and propeller. Photo: Wenche Kulmo

The Arctic Sea - the new sea

In recent articles at Aftenposten and Fiskeri and Havbruk, Director of NTNU AMOS and professor at the Department of Marine Technology, Asgeir Sørensen, writes about how changing climate presents considerable challenges for arctic areas.

Båt arktis. Photo: Asgeir Sørensen
Photo: Asgeir Sørensen