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Small, efficient and with zero emissions

A new spin off from the AMOS research community has just been lunched. The new company seeks to develop effective and climate neutral mini-ferries that can be a cheap and climate friendly alternative to bridges and traditional ferries in cities.

Illustration: STOPPEFFEKT AS

Prestigious prize to Professor Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen

Researchers have worked on the idea of snake robots for more than 30 years, but the greatest breakthrough so far was done by key scientist at NTNU AMOS Professor Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen and her colleagues. In recognition of this work, Pettersen has been awarded the Bode Lecture Prize.

Photo: Kai T. Dragland

Arena status to the Autonomy Cluster in Trondheim

The Autonomy Cluster in Trondheim is one of Innovation Norway’s new cluster projects. NTNU Amos has been one of the key driving forces behind the cluster, and the Director of Amos, Professor Asgeir Sørensen, thinks the cluster could open a whole new chapter in ocean-based autonomy research.

From the Arena Cluster ceremony, Photo:FI


AMOS Days 2019

AMOS days 2019 gathered 115 scientists and researchers to a conference where the latest development within the AMOS research projects were presented. Professor Asgeir Sørensen opened the day by welcoming new PhD candidates and researchers and comparing what we do at AMOS with Elite sports, saying that at AMOS “you will find the best of the best within our fields”.

Photo: Christoph Alexander Thieme

The first candidate for the new Marin Technology researcher’s program is ready.

From 2019, the Department of Marine Technology at NTNU offers students that have a special interests for research a new program that prepares and kick-starts the participant for future PhD studies. 

First out is Martin Kvisvik Larsen, a fifth year master student who specializes in marine cybernetics.

Martin Ludvigsen, Martin Larsen, and Eilif Pedersen

NTNU signs partnership agreement with REV Ocean

NTNU Rector, Anne Borg, and head of REV Ocean, Nina Jensen, have signed a partnership agreement to start a cooperation on marine robotics and use of the new REV Ocean research ship. This opens up great opportunities for NTNU in terms of access to a world-leading ocean exploration vessel, and will provide REV Ocean with access to world-leading research groups at NTNU.

REV Ocean signering

AMOS candidate receives outstanding oral presentation award

PhD candidate at AMOS, Richard Hann, has received an oustanding oral presentation award from the SAE for their Internationa Icing conference 2019.

Richard Hann at the SEA icing conference

Two AMOS related projects gets funding!

The Norwegian Research Council are investing in new research infrastructure projects all over Norway, and two AMOS related projects will now receive funding.  

Autonome droner og skip

New study program for potential PhD candidates

From 2019, the Department of Marine Technology at NTNU will offer its students a new researcher’s program that prepares the participant for PhD studies.

The Ocean Space Centre gets government funding

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has confirmed that the Norwegian government has allocated 55 million NOK in the 2020 government budget to the Ocean Space Centre project.   

Exploring the Hazards of Drone Icing

Icing of drones is a severe hazard that significantly limits the usage of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles. Researchers from NTNU AMOS recently conducted experiments in an icing wind tunnel to learn more about icing in order to test an icing protection system.

AMOS director gets the Norwegian Research Council’s innovation prize

Professor Asgeir Sørensen has received the Norwegian Research Council’s innovation prize for 2019. The price is granted to a person or organization that through exceptional use of research result have laid the foundation for research based innovation.

Snake Robots at The Big Challenge

Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen, professor at the Department of Technical Cybernetics and Key Researcher at NTNU AMOS, has given a lecture on snake robots, at the science festival "The Big Challenge".

Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen, professor

NTNU opens laboratory 365 meters below the surface

NTNU launches our deepest laboratory yet, almost 370 meters below the surface of the Trondheim fjord.

AMOS spring seminar

Ground breaking autonomous systems technology, from space to the ocean floor, was the topic as NTNU AMOS’ spring seminar gathered the researchers at AMOS at Ørlandet Kysthotell this year.  

Enhancing education and Science cooperation

NTNU AMOS enters into a collaboration agreement with Arctic Research Centre, Institute for Bioscience - Aarhus University.

Seminars at NTNU AMOS in 2019

Seminars at NTNU AMOS

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Guest lecture by Professor Dr. Wickert

Location: B337, 3rd floor, Elektro B at the Gløshaugen.

AMOS Days 2019

29 October 2019, Scandic Lerkendal Hotel, Trondheim.

AMOS seminar 2019

21 - 22 May. 

Venue: Ørland kysthotell.

International Workshop on Autonomous Systems Safety

Dates:  11. - 13. March 2019

Venue: Scandic Nidelven, Trondheim, Norway

See the website for program and topics.