News and events at NTNU AMOS in 2018

News and events at NTNU AMOS in 2018

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Professor Blanke inducted into two knightly orders

During Amos day, professor Mogens Blanke of DTU was honoured with, not one, but two honourable knight appointments.

Kristin Y. Pettersen has become member of the IFAC Council

NTNU builds small satellites to monitor the ocean

This is how scientists believe that the ocean can be monitored in the future. Different technologies can observe phenomena from different distances, with different types of sensors. Illustration: Kanna Raja, NTNU

CLASS (CLear Air Situation for UAS)

CLASS - CLear Air Situation for UAS

Professor Tor Arne Johansen (AMOS and Department of Engineering Cybernetics) has received NTNU's award for innovation and business collaboration for 2018

NTNU award 2018

Robotics are revolutionizing the ocean space

Director of AMOS, Asgeir J. Sørensen, writes that new methods for gathering data about the world's oceans is revolutionizing how we think about the Ocean Space.  

Innovative Ocean Research from NTNU to Ride on the NanoAvionics M6P Nano-Satellite Bus

HYPer-spectral Satellite for ocean Observation (HYPSO)

Recharging the batteries under water

Technology for recharging drones under the ocean surface is ready to be tested by AMOS Scientists

Intelligent robots as a tool to understand climate change in the Arctic Ocean

Mapping the Arctic Ocean

Researchers are encouraged to a culture of sharing

Fra Longyearbyen og opp til iskanten ved 81 grader nord har deltakerne på årets Outreach-tokt hatt fokus på internasjonalt forskningssamarbeid i Arktis. Foto: Jørn Berger-Nyvoll.

NTNU AMOS with Science Advances Publication on Autonomous Surface Vehicles for Mapping of Marine Ecosystems in the Arctic during the Polar Night

Science Advances

Odd Magnus Faltinsen receives CEMT Award for Outstanding Contribution to the European Maritime Industry 2017

Odd Magnus Faltinsen

The album "Movements" of BIIAS released on March 4 on Spotify and iTunes

The album "Movements" of BIIAS released on March 4 on Spotify and iTunes

Acquisition of AutoNaut USV

AutoNaut, acceptance test in Trondheimsfjorden. Foto: Artur Zolich

Walter Caharija received SINTEF's award for outstanding research

CEO Alexandra Bech Gjørv congratulates award winner Walter Caharija from SINTEF Ocean. (Photo: SINTEF)