News and events at NTNU AMOS in 2014

News and events at NTNU AMOS in 2014

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AMOS maps bombs, mines and ship wrecks in the Trondheim fjord

Tokt des. 2014Photo (Universitetsavisa): AMOS did a research cruise with NTNU AUR-lab in the Trondheim fjord in December 2014.

MarineUAS: A new EU-funded doctoral program

MarineUAS has established a unique cooperative environment, coordinated by AMOS at NTNU.

Trondheim: the new Silicon Valley?

The Norwegian magazine "Næring i Midt-Norge" interviewed AMOS centre director Asgeir J. Sørensen as well as AMOS affiliated scientist Morten Breivik.

Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt (FFI) og NTNU har signert rammeavtale

verdens minste helikopterFoto (Prox Dynamics): Verdens minste flygende helikopter som brukes profesjonelt. (7. november 2014)

Professors say dynamic risk analyses should be used in the daily operation of oil rigs to avoid future accidents

burning oil rigPhoto (Norwegian Armed Forces/NTB Scanpix): Ships are trying to extinguish the fire on the oil rig Deepwater Horizon in the Mexican Gulf.

AMOS PhD candidates find rare British bomber in the Trondheim fjord

illustrative pictureProf. Martin Ludvigsen from the Department of Marine Technology led a team of 6 students, among them AMOS PhD candidates Mauro Candeloro, Øyvind Ødegård and Stein M. Nornes, on a field trip in the Trondheim fjord where they found a rare British bomber from World War 2.





Picture (NTNU): PhD candidates from AMOS found a British bomber from World War 2. (24 October 2014)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles recommended to be further developed and used in the Arctic region

Illustrative picturePicture: The Norwegian Board of Technology. (14 October 2014)

AMOS adviser Prof. Torgeir Moan was awarded an honorary doctorate degree at Aalto University in Finlandate

illustrative picture Photo (Tuomas Sauliala, Aalto University): Prof. Torgeir Moan received the diploma and hat from Aalto University for his honorary doctorate degree. (10 October 2014)

The impact of robots in the future

illustrative picturePhoto (E24): E24 interviewed Morten Breivik about the impact of robots in the future. (2 October 2014)

Norway's State Secretary from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visits AMOS

Norway's State Secretary from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Morten Høglund, visited AMOS and the laboratories of the Marine Technology Centre on 16 September 2014.

Drones helping fisheries

illustrative picturePhoto (Fiskeribladet Fiskaren): AMOS director Asgeir J. Sørensen in the lab. (20 August 2014)

AMOS research group participates in the IEEE CSS Video Clip Contest 2014

illustrasjonsbildeA group from the cybernetics department of NTNU, among them AMOS key person Kristin Y. Pettersen, are participating the IEEE CSS Video Clip Contest. (18 August 2014)

Elastic robots on the rise

slangerobotPhoto (Mathias Klingenberg): This is what one of NTNU's snake robots looks like. This model has got wheels over the whole body in order to freely rotate. (27 July 2014)

10 post-graduates from Iran had their Norwegian residence permits cancelled

AMOS adviser and Prof. Torgeir Moan shares his experience with the issue on BBC News. Furthermore, the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen interviewed the professor on the topic, as well as the environmentalist social network website Care2. (27-31 July 2014)

Chinese PhD graduates establish a foundation to honour AMOS advisors

illustrative picture

Photo (Adresseavisen): Some of the Chinese PhD graduates that established a foundation to honour their supervisors Torgeir Moan and Odd M. Faltinsen. From the left: Chenyu Luan, Ling Wan, Lin Li, Hui Liang, Zhiyu Jiang, Zhen Gao and Naiquan Ye. (12 July 2014)

Germany's president Gauck and Norway's crown prince Haakon are visiting the Marine Technology Centre

Gauck and Haakon at the MTCPhoto (MARINTEK): The German president Joachim Gauck and his partner are enjoying their visit at the ocean basin of the Marine Technology Centre, together with Norway's crown prince Haakon, the CEO of SINTEF Unni Steinsmo, county mayor Tore O. Sandvik and rector of NTNU Gunnar Bovim. (13 June 2014)

PERSISTS: A coordinated multi-vehicle control experiment for ocean observation

1st picture: An X8 fixed-wing UAV being launched from land to look down at floating tags in the coastal ocean. (May 2014)
2nd picture: UPorto Xplorer AUV launched from the support vessel for tracking Mola mola. (May 2014)
3rd picture: Biologists releasing a tagged Mola for tracking. (May 2014)


Smashed "iceberg" for the Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel interviewing Martin Storheim

Photo (Kristoffer Furberg): The Discovery Channel interviewed PhD candidate Martin Storheim who works with testing the interaction between ice and structure. (4 June 2014)

Sunfish tracking with AUV, ASV and UAV

During the month of May 2014 a team from the Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto will be leading an innovative and ambitious experiment that brings researchers from Portugal, AMOS/NTNU, MBARI and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena in a joint inter-disciplinary science and engineering effort, targeting marine science. The experiment will be conducted off a research vessel belonging to the Portuguese government off the coast of the Algarve near Olhão.

70 Years Anniversary Seminar and Celebration for Prof. Faltinsen and Moan- a success!


Photo: Speakers and participants listen to the presentations at the 70 Years Anniversary Seminar at the Marine Technology Centre. Front row from the left: Unni Steinsmo (CEO of SINTEF Group), Tore Ulstein (deputy CEO of Ulstein Group), Torbjørn Digernes (former NTNU-rector), Professors Moan and Faltinsen, and Henrik Madsen (CEO of DNV GL). (19-20 May 2014)

AMOS received approval for RPAS operations from the civil aviation authorities of Norway

Photo: A Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS). (6 March 2014)

AMOS researchers investigate mysteries in the sea during the polar night

Asgeir Sørensen ved kaiaPhoto (Geir Johnsen): Prof. Asgeir J. Sørensen and other AMOS researchers investigate mysteries in the sea during the polar night. (8 February 2014)

De tre hodene på trollet er Professorene Jørgen Berge (UiT Norges Arktiske Universitet og Universitetssenteret på Svalbard), Geir Johnsen (NTNU og UNIS) og Asgeir Sørensen (NTNU), - See more at:

Best paper awards at OMAE'13, Nantes, France

Two papers co-authored by Professor Claudio Lugni have been selected in 2014 as best papers at the OMAE'13, which was arranged in Nantes in 2013.