Project 6

Energy management and propulsion for greener operations of ships and offshore structures

AMOS project 6

Power and energy management on future vessels with hybrid electric power plants utilizing diesel, LNG, fuel cells, and novel power concepts, will be studied. They must operate efficiently with respect to fuel and emissions within complex operational scenarios such as high waves and ice, and have built in autonomous fault-tolerant control execution strategies to manage faulty and abnormal conditions without blackout. The integrated hydrodynamic analysis and design of hull and propulsion characteristics is important on its own, and can provide optimal operating points for the operational strategy.

Outcomes are improved knowledge on the design of hull and propulsion for minimum resistance in ships, fault-tolerant power and propulsion control architectures and optimization-based control strategies that are able to autonomously handle the diversity of dynamic responses of hybrid energy sources, AC or DC electric distribution, and power consumers such as thrusters.

Project manager

Professor Tor Arne Johansen
NTNU Department of Engineering Cybernetics
Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (NTNU AMOS)