Project 9

Safety, risk and autonomy in subsea intervention

This project is on the development of methods for decision support for safer, smarter and more reliable autonomous subsea intervention. The project will address topics in the whole decision support chain from operator situation awareness to local autonomous functionalities. Four main research topics are addressed to support the development of the decisions support tools: i) operator trust, perception and awareness ii) risk models and analysis of risk during operation  iii) autonomous functions for subsea intervention iv) design of systems and analysis of operational data. The project will employ sensors platforms from various NTNU-lab facilities i.e. AUR-lab and is closely linked with the activities in Project 3, 4 and 5. The project will develop an Operation Room where data from NTNU AMOS operations can be collected and analyzed.  The operation room will also be used as a communication centre for subsea operations supporting supervisory and direct control modes.
The short term outcomes will be methods for subsea intervention via limited bandwidth link,  localization  for subsea intervention, mission and motion planning, guidelines for safe and reliable autonomous operations and improved situation awareness. The project will also address analysis of big data.

Project manager

Professor Ingrid Schjølberg
NTNU Department of Marine Technology
Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (NTNU AMOS)

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