Background and activities

Ingrid Schjølberg is dean at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. She is professor in marine cybernetics and  director of NTNU Oceans.


2017-19 Vice Dean Faculty of Engineering

2014-     Director NTNU Oceans

2013-14 Project Director Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS)

2002-13 Research Manager SINTEF ICT

1997-01 Research Scientist SINTEF Energy

1996      PhD in Engineering Cybernetics NTNU

1992-93 Research fellow, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

1991      MSc in Engineering Cybernetics NTNU

Selected assignments:

2019-     Board of director Akvaplan-niva

2017-     Board of directors SINTEF Ocean

2017-     Board of directors NIVA Norsk Institutt for Vannforskning

2016-     Board of directors NTNU Technology Transfer AS

2015-17 Board of directors  WaterLinked AS

2014-16 Board of directors Inventas  AS

2009-13 Board of directors Maskon AS

2007-13 Head of ROBOTNOR at NTNU/SINTEF

2007-    Operating Agent for IEA - Hydrogen Implementing Agreement


TMR 4555 Underwater robotics for safe and autonomous operations

Ongoing research activities:

Focus on autonomy and automation in  ocean space, oil and gas, aquaculture, manufacturing and hydrogen production.

Next Generation Subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Operations (NextGenIMR) (2014-18)

EU ECSEL JU Smart networking Underwater Robots in Cooperation  SWARMS (2015-18)

Other on-going projects: SFI Exposed, Reducing risk in aquaculture, FME MoZees, SEAVENTION (2018-21)

PhD Graduates:

Erlend K. Jørgensen, Bård Nagy Stovner, Ole A. Eidsvik

Co-supervisor: Jeevith Hedge, Signe Moe, Serge Gale, Eirik H. Henriksen

PhD candidates in progress:

Stian S. Sandøy, Bent O. Arnesen, Martin Skaldebø

Post docs in progress:

Mikkel C. Nielsen, Albert Sans Muntas, Krzysztof Jan Zieba

Member of steering committees: Legacy of Nansen, CoE CAGE, SFI Manufacturing, SFF Porelab, MiMAC


Well testing, patent no. 12791739.1-1605. World patent.

Method and apparatus for chisseling of butts, Norwegian patent 20121557.

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