Health Promotion - Worthwhile?

Health Promotion - Worthwhile?


Reorienting the community health care services. To successfully deal with the health care challenges of the 21th century, a reorienting of the community health care services in a health promoting (HP) direction is requested. Our research group at the NTNU Center of Health Promotion Research,  has focused the research on HP in the health care services.

In HP we focus on human strengths, capacities and well-being instead of diseases and disabilities. However, available evidence guiding the community health care services in a HP direction is scarce. Therefore, in this research project, funded by The Norwegian Research Council (2015-2017), we will in close collaboration with Trondheim municipality provide evidence and scientific bases for:

  1. Implementing health promoting actions in the community health care services, in terms of mental health and school health care services
  2. Return to work resulting from participating in an health promotion intervention at Healthy Living Centers (in Norwegian “Frisklivssentraler”)
  3. Positive gains of the Norwegian national nursing home strategy “Joy-of-Life-Nursing-Homes” (in Norwegian: “Livsgledesykehjem”).

The project constitutes studies focusing on different phases of the life-course, as well as studies among healthy, vulnerable, and ill populations. This project will contribute to innovation in public services which might reduce future health care costs.

The project group

Group picture of members of the SHP-group. Photo.

From behind, left: Regine Ringdal, Hanne Nissen Bjørnsen, Tuva Tovslid, Ola Bratås, Eva Rinnan, Hilde Kristin Vegsund, Karoline Grødal, Unni Karin Moksnes, Mary-Elisabeth Bradley Eilertsen, Beate André, Kjersti Grønning, Geir Arild Espnes, Toril Rannestad, Gørill Haugan (missing Espen Sagsveen)



The main project consists of three work packages:


Mental health in adolescents

Work package 1

Mental health in adolescents

This project is divided into two subprojects: 

  1. Personal and contextual factors explaining mental health in adolescents.
  2. Factors contributing to mental health and quality of life among siblings and parents after the loss of a child to cancer.

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Health promotion in Healthy Life Centers

Work package 2

Health promotion in Healthy Life Centers


In this project, the effect of a health promoting intervention for users with long-term pain will be evaluated, as well as implementation and impact of user participation in Healthy Life Centers in Norway.

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“Joy of Life” Nursing Homes

Work package 3

“Joy of Life” Nursing Homes


The main goal of this research project is to study possible gains of the “Joy-of-life” national strategy in Norwegian nursing homes.

In this project we will study the effects of the “Joy-of-life” strategy regarding patients’ quality of life and the work culture among the health care professionals in Norwegian nursing homes.

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