Background and activities

I teach in the 2 -year Vocational Didactics Master's program.  In 2009-2010 I conducted research on Pupils experience of the peoples high school in Norway (2009-2010). I have also in collaboration with Mitt University in  Sweden (2011-2012) looked closer upon the changes in the Nordic model of Education. Since 2012 I am a participant in the Norwegiean network "School and small Communities" where I in my research study the local community and the schools interaction and their mututal contribution to democratic renewal. http://skoleogsmå

In line with my interest on local communities and schools, I am a member of the research group BULKIS, which aims to provide research-based knowledge about the quality of life and quality of children and young people in school and childhood. The research project has a focus on children and young people in both urban schools and rural schools. A central theme for the research group is to emphasize the children's and young people's own perspective and educational questions.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Knutas, Kerstin Agneta. (2015) Berättande mellan betraktande och politiskt handlande. Metodefestival og øyeblikksrealisme: -eksperimenterende kvalitative forskningspassasjer.
  • Knutas, Kerstin Agneta. (2014) Demokrati och utbildning;in order to alternativt for the sake of. Pedagogikk, politikk og etikk. Demokratiske utfordringer og muligheter i norsk skole.
  • Knutas, Kerstin Agneta. (2013) Ett lærarlags møten; Mellan styrning och moral. Klasseledelse - for elevenes læring.
  • Knutas, Kerstin Agneta. (2011) Folkehøgskolen - en bidragsyter til Demokrati?. Med livet som pensum: danning og læringsprosesser i folkehøgskolen.
  • Carlgren, Ingrid; Knutas, Kerstin Agneta. (2002) Swedish teachers talking. Restructuring Nordic Teachers; analyses of Interviews with Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian Teachers.


  • Knutas, Kerstin Agneta; Perelli, Jan; Haugen, Cecilie; Liland, Ragnhild; Hestbek, Tine Arntzen. (2012) Styrning, Integration, Mångfald. Styrningsændringar av den Nordiska modellen før utbildning: konsekvenser før mångfald och integration i en demokratisk vælfærdsstat. 2012.
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