Background and activities

My Ph.D. project in archaeology concerns the appropriation and use of Insular artefacts after they arrived in Viking-Age Norway. Drawing on perspectives concerning materiality, the project examines how the significance of certain Insular items might be seen in relation to their biographical references, as objects connected with stories, events or people, which were used and exposed in a range of social, political and also religious situations.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Pettersen, Aina Margrethe Heen. (2020) Feasting, friendship and alliances: the socio-political use of Insular vessels in Viking-Age Norway. Vikings Across Boundaries Viking-Age Transformations – Volume II.
  • Pettersen, Aina Margrethe Heen. (2020) Insular metalwork in Viking-Age Norway: Updating the corpus. Viking encounters. Proceedings of the Eighteen Viking Congress.
  • Pettersen, Aina Margrethe Heen; Lorentzen, Astrid Brønseth. (2019) Roman Iron Age and Migration period building traditions and settlement organization at Vik, Ørland. Environment and settlement: Ørland 600 BC - AD 1250. Archaeological excavations at Vik, Ørland main air base..


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