Background and activities

PhD Project Title: Reassembling Hydrocarbon Production Networks: The Development of Small-Scale LNG Trade in Southeast Asia

Breif Outline: The research project is part of the Geography Deparments strategic program: Innovation in Industry and Society. 

In my project I spent three months in Singapore/Indonesia carrying out qualitative research on LNG trade and LNG bunkering. The objective of my research has been to investigate the institutional/governance processes of LNG market development in order to find out how Norwegian firms should position themselves among different stakeholders in the industry. My findings show that while countries like Indonesia have mature LNG export industries, they struggle to develop the institutional conditions for trade and domestic consumption which results in several conflicts between stakeholders along the value chain. These conflicts are interdependent, such that stalemates at one end of the value chain influence the others. Norwegian firms need to be much more reflexive in this environment, building concrete relationships along the value chain and adopting effectively to developments. In addition there is a need to be more reflective on how to translate their knowledge on business models for SSLNG distribution that worked in Norway for a Southeast Asian context. 

Supervisors: Ståle Angen Rye

Time Period: Febraury 2015 to February 2019

I have a previous master in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Society. My master thesis: Global Talent and Mobility: The significance of hiring expatriates for high-technology industries in Trondheimsregionen examined the history and impacts of hiring expatriates in regards to innovation and skill shortages.

I have also work experience from CONNECT Sørlandet and Trondheimsregionen. 


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