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  • Lavrov, Alexandre. (2016) Life of Rocks and its Study. 3rd Edition. 2016. ISBN 978-5-89522-394-9.
  • Lavrov, Alexandre. (2016) Lost Circulation: Mechanisms and Solutions. Elsevier. 2016. ISBN 9780128039168.
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  • Lavrov, Alexandre; Shkuratnik, Vladimir; Filimonov, Yuri. (2004) Acoustic Emission Memory Effect in Rocks. 2004. ISBN 5-7418-0312-1.
  • Shkuratnik, Vladimir; Lavrov, Alexandre. (1997) Memory Effects in Rocks. 1997. ISBN 5-7892-0012-5.

Part of book/report

  • Lavrov, Alexandre. (2017) Coupling in hydraulic fracturing simulation. Porous Rock Fracture Mechanics with Application to Hydraulic Fracturing, Drilling and Structural Engineering.