Background and activities

Anabel Corral- Granados is a postdoctoral research fellow engaged in the "Childhood, School and Inequality in the Nordic Countries (Unequal Childhood)" project at the Department of Teacher Education (NTNU). In her PhD thesis from Anglia Ruskin University (UK), she explored conceptualizations of inclusion and understanding and implementation of inclusive ways of working with children with disabilities. She has in-depth competence in organisational theories, policy analysis and inclusion teaching. She has experience from The European Agency for special needs and inclusive education, in Brussels (Belgium) and Odense (Denmark). Corral has worked as Associate Professor at the State University of Alicante, where she coordinated three different units on educational psychology and taught on children rights, educational psychology and international policy in education.


2009-09-01 to 2016-06-01
(dissertation defended)

Ph.D. in Early Childhood education Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford, England, UK

The professional development of early years educators when promoting inclusive teaching practices for children with SEN: two European exploratory case studies in primary schools

2018-01-01 to 2018-12-01

Master’s in education spe. leadership, policy and change (Education), Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

2009-01-01 to 2009-12-01

Master's degree in teacher training for compulsory secondary education, high school, vocational training and language teaching. CAP (education) University of Almeria, Spain.

2005-09-01 to 2007-07-01

Master’s in special Needs Education, University of Oslo, Norway.



To 2005-08-15

Summer school. Specialisation training on Special Needs Education, University of Oslo, Norway.

1999-09-01 to 2004-12-01

Master’s in psychology (Psychology), (Licenciatura en psicologia) University of Almeria, Spain



Postdoc position Department of teacher education, NTNU University, Trondheim, Norway



  • MGLU4514 (Pedagogikk og elevkunnskap 3 (5-10))
  • MGLU5224 (Spesialpedagogikk med vekt på sosiale og emosjonelle utfordringer)


  • MGLU5224 (Spesialpedagogikk med vekt på sosiale og emosjonelle utfordringer)
  • MGLU3201 (Innøfring i spesialpedagogikk)



Associated professor University of Alicante, Spain


(2018/19) and (2019/20)

  • Learning difficulties and developmental disorders (6 credits) (English) Main subject coordinator.
  • learning and developmental difficulties developmental characteristics (6 credits)


  • Development and motor skills learning (9 credits)
  • Developmental psychology in social work (6 credits)


School director and SENCo Alicante, Spain



Researcher European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education, Brussels, Belgium

Under the projects “Early childhood education and inclusive education” and “VET and SEN”



Anglia Ruskin University lecturer (part-time), Chelmsford, UK


  • (2011/12) Understanding the child and learning (6 credits)
  • Comparative perspectives in international education (6 credits)
  • (2010/11) International and comparative perspectives in education (6 credits)
  • (2009/10) Children rights: national and international contexts. (6 Credits)


Researcher/ Trainee in CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training)/Thessaloniki / Greece

Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications


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