Background and activities


Main Research Interests

Health service research and public health; about health promotion and prevention, health services for the chronic ill, social security, primary health care statistics and quality assurance. The last years paid most attention to care coordination and health informatics


Doctorate in medicine, 1983. University of Oslo: "From getting ill – to becoming a patient". The influence of social and health matters on self-care and health care utilization.

Graduate degree in medicine, 1978

Work experience

Medical adviser, the Norwegian Health Network® from 2010, 50%

Professor, NTNU, part time from 2001, full time from 2004 to 2010, from 2010 50%

Manger of the Norwegian Centre of Patient Health Record Research, from 2003 to 2010

Chief municipal health officer, Surnadal, part time from 1998 to 2010

Associate professor, NTNU, part time from 1995 to 2001

Occupational health doctor, part time 1985-92

General practitioner, Surnadal, from 1983 to 2003

Special assignments

Appointed by the Ministry of health as a member of the National eHealth Expert Advisory Group from 2011

Member of the EU eHealth interoperability expert group from 2006 to 2007

Board member of National ICT – the Regional Health Enterprises’ common steering committee for ICT projects in Specialist and Hospital Health Care Services, since 2004.

Member of the Joint Committee of Quality Assurance in Primary Health Care of the Norwegian Medical Association since 2001.

Member of the Ministry of Health’s advisory group on Health Informatics since 1999.

Norwegian representative of WONCA’s International Classification Committee since 1998.

Leader of the Norwegian College of General Practitioners’ Classification Committee from 1997.

Board member of Central Norway Regional Health Enterprise, from 2002-05.

Member of the Joint Committee on Health Informatics of the Norwegian Medical Association from 1997 to 2002

Norwegian representative in the Nordic Medico Statistical Committee working group1993-7.

The Nidaros Award for excellent promotion of the general practice profession and research.

Member and secretary for the Norwegian Medical Association’s committee on academic strengthening of applied public health 1992-3.

Leader of the Norwegian College of General Practitioners’ Research Committee 1988-91, member from –87.

Member of the General Practice Research Committee of the Norwegian Research Council 1989-90.

Board member of the Norwegian College of General Practice, 1987-9.

Member of the provisional board, later the Faculty of Medicine, when the faculty was founded in Trondheim in 1975 (1973-76)

International/ National collaboration

Partner in the EU FP7 project “Nexes” (ICP-PSP) from May 2008 to August 2012

Partner in the EU FP7 project “Lincare” (eTen) 2005-07.

EU Commision – i2010 subgroup on eHealth

  • The development of eHealth Large Scale Pilots on interoperability and patient summary 2006-07

WONCA International Classification Committee

  • The development and maintenance of the English master version of ICPC from 2004

Social and Health Directorate:

  • The foundation of a Norwegian National Health Network 2004
  • The development of a new comparative strategy on quality assurance in Health Care

Université Libre de Bruxelles, Ecole de Santé Publique:

  • Euro-Med-Data. Routine collection of medico-administrative clinical data in Europe, 2002

The Norwegian Institute of Health Informatics:

Coding and classification systems development and patient records standardization. 


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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