Background and activities

Video producer for NTNU Drive / NTNU Multimedia Center

Assistant professor, Film and Media Studies, ILU academic year 2020/21 (20%)


Works with video production in various MOOC projects at NTNU, as well as facilitating web course production.

Teaching subject didactics in Film and Media Studies at the PPU study at ILU.

Former video producer for innovative educational projects, mainly KtDiM (mathematics) and Virtual chemical rooms.

Occasionally, I work on my own documentary projects and other video production through Folge film (



MFA in fine arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim (KiT) NTNU,

BFA Art Academy in Oslo, department, Academy of Fine Arts (KHiO) (film, photo, video)

Topics in Media Psychology, History of Ideas, Philosophy, Nordic (67.5 cr) (NTNU, UiO)