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  • Mohammed, Hadi; Longva, Andreas; Seidu, Razak. (2019) Impact of local climate change on the Ålesund water supply system accounting for the raw water source and treatment processes. 2019.
  • Seidu, Razak; Longva, Andreas. (2018) Wastewater Management in Ålesund Kommune: Status, performance,impacts and suggested secondary wastewater treatment processes. 2018.


  • Mohammed, Hadi; Longva, Andreas; Skulstad, Bjørn; Seidu, Razak. (2018) Climate driven integrated hydrodynamic-QMRA model for predicting infection risks-Ålesund Water Supply as a case study. The 11th Nordic Drinking Water Conference . Nordic Water Association; Oslo. 2018-06-11 - 2018-06-13.