Background and activities

I am a PhD Candidate at the Deparment for Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture at NTNU. I studied social anthropology and sociology at Heidelberg University, Germany (Bachelor of Arts) and Anthropology of Development at the University in Bergen, Norway ( Master of Philosophy).


My academic interests include (but are not limited to):

  • Integration and Migration Studies
  • Critical Feminism 
  • Gender Studies
  • Development Studies
  • Pacific Island Studies
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Decolonial Studies


Current Project:
Becoming Part of Society. Migrant Integration through Everyday Interactions in Rural Norway. [working title]

part of the project:

Living Integration: at the Crossroads between Official Policies, Public Discourse and Everyday Practice,

project supervision:  associate professor Dr. Berit Gullikstad and Dr. Guro Korsnes Kristensen, (FRIHUMSAM, NFR)

Previous Projects:

As part of my master studies,  I conducted qualitative research on the notion of Gender Based Violence in Vanuatu. I delivered my master thesis “Wanem ia jenda? What is Gender? Translations and (Mis)Understandings between Development Discourse & Everyday Life Experience in Port Vila, Vanuatu” in June 2016.
My fieldwork was partially connected to and funded by the European Consortium for Pacific Studies (ECOPAS) – an EU funded multidisciplinary project. The final ECOPAS report was published in 2016.

I was a member of the Bergen Pacific Studies Group (BPS) at the Department of Social Anthropology at the University in Bergen. 

Further Engagement:
I am the currently elected president of DION,  the interest organization for temporarily employed scientific staff (PhD, at NTNU. 


Wanem ia jenda? [What is Gender?]: Translations and (Mis)Understandings between Development Discourse & Everyday Life Experiences in Port Vila, Vanuatu

(2016) Master Thesis (Master of Philosophy), Department of Social Anthropology,  Universitetet i Bergen;  available online:

Vanuatu in: ECOPAS (2016) "Understanding Gender Inequality Actions
in the Pacific:Ethnographic Case-studies and Policy Options"

co-authored with Dr. Sue Farran; available online: Gender Equity report MN0216385ENN_small.pdf