Background and activities

I am teaching at the teacher education in Trondheim. I am assistant professor, with more than 20 years in teacher service in both Sweden and Norway. I have taught most of the theoretical subjects at school, e.g. maths, foreign language, Swedeish, Norwegian, biology, social science, religious education. At the teacher education I teach pedagogy and special needs education, focusing reading and maths challenges. I am especially intererested in didactics in various subjects/disciplines. I have also focused on the teaching of foreign language for students/pupils with dyslectic problems.

My research is focused on key competences, in Norway called "basic skills". I am a part of a project that study teacher students and their experience of how basic skills is focused and taught in the teacher education and their competence. Another part of the same project focuses on the students competence about reading and writing in general and also about learning diffuculties in the same area.

I am looking for collaborators interested in schools i rural areas.