Background and activities

My research focuses on applying hybrid systems theory to marine control systems in order to improve the overall performance of a vessel in DP. My main research interests are hybrid control theory, observers, sea state estimation, and mathematical modeling.

Supervisor: Asgeir J. Sørensen

Co-supervisor: Andrew R. Teel, Ulrik D. Nielsen

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Brodtkorb, Astrid H.; Nielsen, Ulrik Dam; Sørensen, Asgeir Johan. (2015) Sea state estimation using model-scale DP measurements. OCEANS'15 MTS/IEEE Washington, Washington DC, 19-22 October, 2015.
  • Brodtkorb, Astrid H.; Teel, Andrew R.; Sørensen, Asgeir Johan. (2015) Sensor-based Hybrid Observer for Dynamic Positioning. CDC 2015 - 54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Proceedings.


  • Brodtkorb, Astrid Helene; Sørensen, Asgeir Johan; Teel, Andrew R.. (2014) Increasing the Operation Window of Dynamic Positioned Vessels Using the Concept of Hybrid Control. ASME 2014 33rd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering Volume 1A: Offshore Technology San Francisco, California, USA, June 8–13, 2014.