Background and activities


Vice Dean of Research, Artistic research and Innovation, Faculty of Humanities 2017-2021

Professor in Ethics and Political Philosophy

Research interests

Bioethics, ethics of technology, Kantian ethics, Aristotelian ethics, political philosophy and aesthetics

Research projects

Active research partner on "The Norwegian Seaweed Biorefinery Platform (SBP-N)" funded by the Norwegian research Council, 2019-2024 and "Seaweeds for Novel Applications and Products" funded by ERA-NET under H2020, 2020-2023

Project leader for "Genome editing – a game-changer in salmon farming: Conditions for social and  moral acceptance - CRISPRsalmon" funded by the Norwegian Research Council, 2019-2022:

Active research partner on "Optimized oxidative enzyme systems for efficient conversion of lignocellulose to valuable products - OXYMOD" funded by the research Council of Norway 2017-2022.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

  • Myskja, Bjørn Kåre. (2019) Normative arguments concerning the inclusion of non-safety assessments of genome-edited organisms. Sustainable governance and management of food systems.
  • Myskja, Bjørn Kåre; Myhr, Anne Ingeborg. (2019) Moral limits to genome editing of farmed salmon. Sustainable governance and management of food systems.
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