Background and activities

Affiliated with NTNU / NTH since 1985; Associate professor of Geological Engineering 1985-1992, Professor 1992-2020, visiting Professor at Colorado School of Mines 1991-92 and 1998-99, Professor emeritus since October 2020. Current resesearch mainly connected to:

- Investigation, stability analysis and rock support design of  tunnels, particularly subsea tunnels

- Rock slope stability analysis

- Engineering geological aspects of TBM excavation

- Engineering geological aspects of hydropower projects



Coordinator and main teacher of several engineering geology courses at basic and advanced levels 1985-2020. Supervisor of more than 150 master projects

Coordinator of EVU (continued education course) "Engineering geology for site managers and resident engineers"



Main supervisor of 14 PhD-projects. Since 2010:

-2021  Henki Ødegaard: Optimization of test methods and design of transistion zones in unlined pressure tunnels

-2018  Are Håvard Høien: Applicability of reinforced ribs od sprayed concrete in  poor quality, swelling rock mass

-2017  Øyvind Dammyr: The use of TBM in future Norwegian infrastructure projects

-2015  Karl Gunnar Holter: Waterproof tunnel lining with sprayed concrete and bonded membrane in hard rock and cold climate

-2014  Martina Böhme: Spatial and temporal variability of rock slope instability in western Norway

-2012  Dawei Mao: Analysis of rock support performance for tunnelling in weakness zones containing swelling clay

-2010  Guro Grøneng: Stability analyses of the Åknes rock slope, Western Norway  


- HydroCen (Norwegian Research Centre for Hydropower Technology), research related to engineering geological aspects of hydropower development,  leader of project 1.1 "Hydropower tunnels, penstocks and surge chambers" 2016-2020

- Land av Liveability National Innovation Challenge (L2NIC), Singapore National Research Foundation (evaluation of R&D-applications related to use of urban underground)


Committee and panel participation:

- Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (RMRE, Springer): Member of Editorial Board and regular reviewer

- Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology  (TUST, Pergamon): Member of Editorial Board and regular reviewer

- Standard Norway: Member of committees for revision of Eurocode 7 and NS 3420

- ITA - International Tunnelling Association: Norwegian representative in ITA-CET

- ITA World Tunnel Congress 2017: Chairman of Scientific Committee

- NFF - Norwegian Tunnelling Society: board member 1998-2007, president 2005-2007


Participation in expert panels / reference groups:


- Romsdalsfjord subsea road tunnel, Norway (evaluation of investigation results and tunnel design - member of expert group established by NPRA; Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

- Kiruna and Malmberget mines, Sweden (evaluation of surface displacement and subsidence caused by underground mining - member of expert group established by  LKAB)

Selected completed:

- Rogfast subsea road tunnel, Norway (evaluation of pre-construction investigation, alignment planning - member of expert group established by NPRA )

- Karmsund subsea tunnel, Norway (stability evaluations during design and contruction stages - member of expert group established by NPRA)

- Tellnes open pit mine, Norway (evaluation of pit wall stability and design - member of expert group established by Titania)

- Atlantic Ocean tunnel, Norway (evaluation after subsea cave-in, member of expert group established by NPRA)

- Holmestrand underground railway station, Norway (evaluation during design and construction,    member of expert group established by the Norwegian Railway Authorities, JBV)

- High speed railway in Norway (feasibility evaluation - member of expert group established by JBV)

- Large, underground hydropower projects in China (Xiangjiaba, Baihetan,  Nuozhadu - quality control during construction)

- Løsberga, Norway (stability evaluation after slide in high road cut - member of expert group established by NPRA )

- Hanekleiv tunnel, Norway (evaluation after cave-in, member of expert group established by Ministry of Transportation)



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