Bjørn Nilsen

Professor Department of Geoscience and Petroleum
+47 73594819 +47 97716018
Sem Sælands vei 1, Bergbygget * B414

Background and activities

Working at NTNU / NTH since 1985, Professor of Geological Engineering since 1992. Visiting Professor at Colorado School of Mines 1991-92 and 1998-99. Current projects and applied resesearch mainly connected to:

- Investigation,stability and support of rock tunnels, particularly subsea 

- Rock slope stability

- Engineering geological aspects of TBM excavation

- Engineering geological aspects of hydropower projects



TGB4185 Engineering geology BC (coordinator)

TGB4190 Engineering geology of rocks AC (coordinator)

TGB5110 Engineering geology and tunnelling (part of course)

TGB4575 Engineering geology, Specialization topic (part of course)

TGB4500 Engineering geology (coordinator)

GB8303   Stability of rock slopes (PhD-course)

GB6001   Engineering geology for construction and site managers (continuing education course - coordinator)


Supervision  PhD-projects:


2017:  Åknes rock slope: Analysis of stability and potential of drainage as stabilizing measure

2017-  Henki Ødegaard: Optimization of test methods and design of transistion zones in unlined pressure tunnels

2014-  Are Håvard Høien: Applicability of reinforced ribs od sprayed concrete in  poor quality, swelling rock mass

completed last 7 years:

2017-  Øyvind Dammyr: The use of TBM in future Norwegian infrastructure projects

2015-  Karl Gunnar Holter: Waterproof tunnel lining with sprayed concrete and bonded membrane in hard rock and cold climate

2014   Martina Böhme: Spatial and temporal variability of rock slope instability in western Norway

2012   Dawei Mao: Analysis of rock support performance for tunnelling in weakness zones containing swelling clay

2010   Guro Grøneng: Stability analyses of the Åknes rock slope, Western Norway  


Committee and board participation:

- Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (RMRE, Springer): Member of Editorial Board and regular reviewer

- Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology  (TUST, Pergamon): Member of Editorial Board

- ITA - International Tunnelling Association: Norwegian representative of WG9 Seismic effects

- ITA World Tunnel Congress 2017: Chairman of Scientific Committee

- NFR/BIA-projekt DePOPS: member of steering committee


Participation in expert panels / reference groups:

Selected ongoing:

- Romsdalsfjord subsea road tunnel, Norway (evaluation of investigations and design, SVV)

- Holmestrand underground railway station, Norway (evaluation during design and construction, JBV)

- Tellnes open pit mine, Norway ( evaluation of pit wall stability and design, Titania)

- Kiruna and Malmberget, Sweden (evaluation of surface displacement and subsidence caused by underground mining, LKAB)

- Land and Liveability National Innovation Challenge (L2NIC), Singapore (evaluation of research applications for projects related to utilization of subsurface)

Selected completed:

- Rogfast subsea road tunnel, Norway (evaluation of ground investigations, planning and design)

- Karmsund subsea tunnel, Norway (stability evaluations during design and contruction)

- Atlanterhavs tunnel, Norway (evaluation after subsea cave-in)

- High speed railway in Norway (feasibility evaluation)

- Large, underground hydropower projects in China (Xiangjiaba, Baihetan,  Nuozhadu - quality control during construction)

- Løsberga, Norway (stability evaluation after slide in high road cut)

- Hanekleiv tunnel, Norway (evaluation after cave-in)

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