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About Boerge Lillebo

I am associate professor affiliated with the practice placement of medical students at local hospitals. One of my main responsibilities is medical students' training, feedback and development of clinical skills and professionalism during hospital placement. I have extensive experience with Problem-based learning and Team-based learning, and I am now involved with developing and evaluation Peer Instruction and Mini-CEX as learning activities at NTNU and St. Olavs hospital. My PhD was in Medical Technology at Department of Neuromedicin, at Norwegian centre for electronic health records ( My academic interests spans from learning in higher education (PBL, TBL, practice placement), health informatics (clinical perception and decision support)and emergency medicine (prehospital and intrahospital emergency patient management). I now combine my work as associate professor with being a resident in internal medicine at St. Olav's Hospital, Trondheim.

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