Background and activities

Employed since March 1. 2020 in the communication department at NTNU in Ålesund, where I work with communication tasks in the vice-rector's staff and in the made social contact. Concrete examples of tasks that are solved for the vice-rector are advice and management support, communication professional management support, assistance at large (and small) events and in addition I sit as communication manager in our local emergency team in Ålesund.

Made social contact solves a number of communication tasks such as:

Internal communication from management to employees, external communication, international focus, press and media, NTNU news, SoMe, Video, websites, management profiles and reputation, international visibility and community contact, government contact and VIP visits, communication consulting, speech writing, presentations - PowerPoint magic, operational alumni activity , networking and networking arenas and collaboration with the business community.

I am 49 years old and live on Valderøya just outside Ålesund. I have a basic education in journalism and have worked in several communication positions, including as project manager for digitization and restructuring of Giske municipality. I have also been responsible for making the municipality visible through social media and in direct contact with the press.

Before that, I worked for 13 years for the Progress Party's main organization, where I was, among other things, editor and department head for the organization's media department.

Since 2012, I have also worked as a press contact for the media and media adviser in the Oslofjord Homeland Security District (Østfold and Vestfold), and have media assignments in connection with activities in this district for district manager.

I am also a photographer with my own studio and illustrator. In my spare time, I am very interested in working for a clean sea and fighting the huge influx of plastic in the sea. By working for sustainable development, the environment, greener choices and combating marine litter through attitude-building work, with a special focus on children and young people, I hope that this and the next generation will leave a smaller footprint than us on the planet. In 2019, together with Ina Giske, I published the children's book "The seahorse Hippo and the plastic in the sea" where we meet the seahorse Hippo who is thrown out on a scary, but also educational journey in the sea. This is a story about cooperation and friendship across species, but mostly about the challenges the plastic in the sea creates for those who live there.

Former Deputy Mayor (2007 - 2011) Svelvik Municipality.