Background and activities



Day to day running of the photographic department including darkrooms, digital rooms, photo studio and equipment store. Buying equipment and materials within budget. Providing scanning and printing services to staff and students. Documenting exhibitions and activities at The Art Academy to provide photos to the AB faculty, NTNU, external bodies & press.

Running practical and technical courses for students at The Art Academy and various institutes both within the AB Faculty and NTNU. Giving photographic advice to some Master and Phd students at NTNU. Leader and teacher for BK4100 & BK4250 Architecture & Photography, a 2 week 'perspektivemne' each semester. Advising on guest teachers and providing support.

Fields of competance

Black & white and colour analogue photography with small, medium and large format cameras. Digital photography with small format cameras. Photographing on location and in the studio with both tungsten and flash lighting.

Black & white and colour film processing and printing. Scanning and printing of photos up to 1,60m wide and up to 30m in length. Calibrating all the digital equipment to optimize perfect colour rendition and quality.

I have studied the arts and always have had an interest in art. My photographic work has included working for art museums and public space artists. I am an active photographer in my freetime. 


I have over 30 years experience working as a professional photographer specialising mainly in documentary photography. I am educated both as an archaeologist and photographer. I have worked extensively abroad on prestigious projects resulting in exhibitions and publications. I moved to Trondheim from London in 1993 where I have been working as a photographer within the cultural sector. Since 2005 I have been employed at The Art Academy in Trondheim.