Background and activities

Practical pedagogical education (FPPU) from NTNU, 2020. PhD in Chemical Engineering from NTNU, 2018. Safety Consultant in Lloyds Register Energy AS 2009 - 2012. Master of Science and Technology from NTNU, 2009. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Vik, Camilla Berge; Solsvik, Jannike; Engh, Mathias; Hillestad, Magne; Jakobsen, Hugo Atle. (2017) Bubble size dependent velocity, weight fractions and temperature in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. 12th International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics In the Oil & Gas, Metallurgical and Process Industries . SINTEF; Trondheim. 2017-05-30 - 2017-06-01.
  • Vik, Camilla Berge. (2016) Tek doktorgrad på biodrivstoff. Marsteinen, Austevoll [Avis]. 2016-03-31.
  • Vik, Camilla Berge. (2014) Validation of a Multifluid-Population Balance Model for the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis in a Slurry Bubble Column Reactor at Industrial Conditions. 12th Multiphase Flow Conference & Short Course ; Dresden. 2014-11-25 - 2014-11-27.
  • Vik, Camilla Berge; Jakobsen, Hugo Atle. (2014) A study of mass transfer limitations in Fischer-Tropsch processes. 3rd Trondheim Gas Technology Conference . Gas Technology Centre NTNU-SINTEF; Trondheim. 2014-06-04 - 2014-06-05.
  • Vik, Camilla Berge; Solsvik, Jannike; Chao, Zhongxi; Jakobsen, Hugo Atle. (2014) Modeling of a slurry bubble column reactor for the production of biofuels by use of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. CHISA 2014 ; Prague. 2014-08-23 - 2014-08-27.
  • Vik, Camilla Berge; Solsvik, Jannike; Jakobsen, Hugo Atle. (2014) A combined multifluid-PBE model for a slurry bubble column reactor: Application to the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. 10th International Conference on CFD in Oil & Gas Metallurgical and Process Industries ; Trondheim. 2014-06-17 - 2014-06-19.
  • Vik, Camilla Berge. (2013) Med granbar på tanken - Noregs skogressursar kan nyttast som flydrivstoff. Aftenposten [Avis]. 2013-11-25.