Background and activities


Research interests: Syntax and semantics, data-oriented language analysis, data visualisation and linguistic annotation mining
RESEARCH PROFILE: I am particularly interested in the development of digital tools that allow linguists to create their own research corpus. My research field is data-driven formal analysis  of natural language using both Lexical Functional Grammar and Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar.  Having worked on Lexical Semantics (spatial semantics) and  Grammar Engineering in the context of machine translation, I am interested in linguistic issues in Natural Language Processing. Recently my focus in on linguistic tools and linguistic methodologies. In German studies, my main interest lies in the combination of data-driven approaches and formal linguistics.
Present Projects:
Digital Infrastructure for corpus work in research and education - A model approach
A IS-DAAD project (2016/17)
TypeCraft - an online natural language database and Annotation Editor.                                                                                     
Former Projects:
LOGON - Lexicon, Lexical Semantics, Grammar, and Translation for Norwegian. For more information see LOGON 
Under the NUFU schema - The Legon-Trondheim Linguistic Research Cooperation. 
GRADUATE SUPERVISION                                                                                                                       
The Master's theses that I like to supervise preferably address a topic that lies within the scope of my research interests. Welcome are topics within data-oriented linguistics. I am interested in supporting work on less-resourced languages. Following Best Practice, master students deposit their data in open linguistic repositories where it may be used by other linguists. Very welcome are also theses that feature data related formal work, preferably in one of the constraint-based frameworks, such as Lexical Functional Grammar or Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar.
2.Comparative Studies - with a Focus on German
 With German you can teach in schools, or work in the industry or administration. In either case, you will profit from German studies, since they open the doors to German speaking countries. As a student of German you will have the chance to learn critical thinking and analytic skills which you can use for an academic career in any of the many different subjects offered at our or other universities.
List of possible topics for graduate work:
  • "The use of the past tense in German and Norwegian written texts."
  •  "Teacher terminology and its effect on Norwegian learners of German."
  • "Second language learner mistakes of Norwegians learning German - the case of subordination."
  •  " Children - how do they describe their world? - a study of adjectives in use."



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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