Background and activities

Eir Grytli is professor in architectural history and building preservation, with a doctoral thesis within rural settlement history on a case study of the seashore settlement Surnadalsøra in Nordmøre. I have been employed as cultural heritage manager at Røros World Heritage City, and as researcher at SINTEF on research on heritage preservation. At NTNU my major working field is research and teaching within adaptation of historic buildings for new use, within which energy efficiency of heritage buildings is a major concern. The EU project EFFESUS (2012-2016) studies solutions for obtaining this. I am also engaged in the Norwegian timber-built architectural tradition, and has been involved in several books within this topic.   

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Grytli, Eir Ragna; Nilsen, Dag; Dahle, Kolbein. (2017) Trønderlåna. Hus, heim, identitet og kultur. Embla Forlag. 2017. ISBN 978-82-8382-001-0.
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  • Grytli, Eir Ragna; Nilsen, Dag. (2013) Bryggene i Trondheim. Nye muligheter for bruk av bryggene ved Nidelva. 2013. ISBN 978-82-7551-090-5.
  • Grytli, Eir Ragna; Nilsen, Dag. (2012) Glemte gårdsrom. Muligheter for ny bruk av gårdsrom i Midtbyen i Trondheim. 2012. ISBN 978-82-7551-074-5.
  • Dahle, Kolbein; Grytli, Eir Ragna; Nilsen, Dag. (2005) Trønderlåna - det midtnorske våningshuset. Det Norske Samlaget. 2005. ISBN 82-521-6562-1.
  • Grytli, Eir Ragna. (2004) Fiin gammel aargang. Energisparing i verneverdige hus. Veileder. 2004.
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Part of book/report

  • Grytli, Eir Ragna. (2011) Energy and heritage conservation. Energy and Architecture : Improvement of energy performance in existing buildings.
  • Grytli, Eir Ragna; Nilsen, Dag. (2011) Arkitekturhistorie og bygningsvern i hundre år. ARKITEKTUR I HUNDRE - Arkitektutdanningen i Trondheim 1910 - 2010.
  • Høyem, Harald; Grytli, Eir Ragna. (2007) Monument and context in a changing urban landscape. XI´AN - an ancient city in a modern world. Evolution of the urban form 1949-2000.


  • Grytli, Eir Ragna; Carvalho, Carla. (2016) Norgesekskursjon Vestlandet 2016. 2016. ISBN 978-82-7551-123-0.
  • Grytli, Eir Ragna; Grün, Gunnar. (2016) EFFESUS Deliverable D9.7: Report on Training Plan and deployment. 2016.
  • Misiopecki, Cezary; Stuart, Jay; Bakonyi, Daniel; Nordsteien, Jon Ivar; Grynning, Steinar; Ihara, Takeshi; Aune, Atle; Steinsli, Ellev; Grytli, Eir Ragna; Gustavsen, Arild. (2014) Improvement of moisture and thermal properties of original windows. 2014.