Background and activities

Professor at NTNU and pediatric anesthesiologist at St.Olav's University Hospital.
Head of the Resuscitation Committee at St. Olav's University Hospital and of the board of the Norwegian Cardiac Arrest Registry.


Tasks and areas of interest at NTNU:

  • Vice head for research at ISB
  • Research in the fields of anesthesiology, emergency medicine and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); part of the research group for circulation and CPR.
  • Clinical teaching in anaesthesiology, emergency medicine and pediatrics
  • Medical statistics in general
  • Analysis and modelling the patient's clinical course during CPR
  • Course supervisor for KLMED8008: Analysis of repeated measurements:
  • Member of the board of the Norwegian Cardiac Arrest registry:


Brief CV:

  • MD 1985, certified anesthesiologist 1993, PhD 2000, certified pediatrician 2005.
  • Clinical work as anesthesiologist and pediatrician at St Olav's University Hospital since 1991.
  • Researcher, teacher and supervisor for students (Master and PhD) at NTNU since 1994.
  • Visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, fall 2017.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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