Background and activities

Photo: Geir Mogen

Research area: Nanoscale charge transport and elementary excitations in low dimensional and magnetic systems, magnetic nanoparticle, instrument development.


Teknologie doktor in surface science/condensed matter physics: Chalmers University of Technology (2000)

Research activities and competence:

  • Studies of magnetodynamics of metal oxides, magnonic structures and antiferromagnets. Primarily through ferromagnetic resonance (broadband and EPR based) and PIMM (Pulsed inductive microwave magnetometry)
  • Studies of quantum interference effects in low dimensional materials such as graphite through STM based point contact spectroscopy.
  • Characterisation of band structure of thin films systems/antiferromagnets through angle resolved phtotoemeission.
  • Studies of magnetic nanoparticle systems and selfassembly of magentic nanoparticles in field.
  • Instrumentation design and development: STM design (all custom built UHV LT STM), Broad band FMR characterisation (design of waveguide based set-ups and tehcniques).

Current teaching responsibilities:


Current administrative duties:

  • Head of Department, Department of Physics, NTNU


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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