Background and activities

My research interests include environmental philsopophy, value theory, practical reason, and choice.

In my postdoctoral project, I discuss ethical aspects of deep sea mining, which is the process of retrieving mineral deposits from the ocean floor at great depths. This form of mining is still in its infancy. However, commercial activities are likely to begin in the near future, and ethical assessment is urgent. The aim of the project is to provide knowledge needed to make ethically responsible decisions with regard to deep sea mining and other activities involving environmental risk.

Reseach groups/networks: Pilot Programme on Deep Sea Mining (NTNU); Practical Philosophy Group (University of Oslo), Research group for APPlied ethics (RAPP) (NTNU); HAVANSVAR (NTNU)

Courses taught: Metaethics (Spring 2019); Applied Ethics (Spring 2019, Autumn 2017); Climate Ethics (Autumn 2017); Environmental Philosophy (Spring 2017)

Forthcoming publications:

Stabell, Espen Dyrnes. Existence Value, Preference Satisfaction, and the Ethics of Species Extinction. Forthcoming in Environmental Ethics.

Stabell, Espen Dyrnes. Hard Environmental Choices: Comparability, Justification, and the Argument from Moral Identity. Forthcoming in Environmental Values.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Stabell, Espen Dyrnes. (2019) Deep Sea Uncertainty: Studies in Environmental Ethics and Decision-Making. 2019.