Background and activities

I do research in ethics and practical/applied philosophy. My interests include:

  • Environmental ethics
  • Decisions under uncertainty
  • Metaethics and methodology

I am involved in interdisciplinary research projects on marine minerals (deep-sea mining) as well as artificial intelligence. I am co-editor of Etikk i Praksis – Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics.

List of works in Current Research Information SysTem In Norway (Cristin)

Current research project

Ethical Aspects of Deep Sea Mining. Postdoctoral project at NTNU (2019-2021).

Selected publications

  • Stabell, Espen Dyrnes. 2021. Review: W. MacAskill, K. Bykvist, and T. Ord: Moral Uncertainty. Journal of Applied Philosophy.
  • Stabell, Espen Dyrnes. 2021. Arguments from Need in Natural Resource Debates. Ethics, Policy & Environment.
  • Stabell, Espen Dyrnes. 2021. Hard Environmental Choices: Comparability, Justification, and the Argument from Moral Identity. Environmental Values. Volum 30(1) s. 111-130.
  • Stabell, Espen Dyrnes. 2019. Existence Value, Preference Satisfaction, and the Ethics of Species Extinction. Environmental Ethics vol. 41(2) pp. 165-180.
  • Stabell, Espen Dyrnes; Steel, Daniel. 2018. Precaution and Fairness: A Framework for Distributing Costs of Protection from Environmental Risks. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics; Volume 31.(1) s. 55-71 (2018).
  • Stabell, Espen Dyrnes.
 2017. Constraints on the Precautionary Principle and the Problem of Uncertainty. American Journal of Bioethics. Volume 17.(3) s. 56-57 (2017).

Phd thesis

Stabell, Espen Dyrnes. 2019. Deep Sea Uncertainty: Studies in Environmental Ethics and Decision-Making. Trondheim: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Selected conference contributions

  • "An algorithm for hard choices?". Value incommensurability workshop. University of Lund, Sweden. Upcoming. Postponed due to Covid-19.
  • "Why environmental philosophers should be 'buck-passers' about value". American Philosophical Association 2021 Eastern Division Meeting. 15.01.2021.
  • "Existence value and preferentism". The Annual Stockholm Region Workshop on Economics and Philosophy. Instutute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, Sweden. 05.09.2019.
  • "Hard environmental choices". Practical Philosophy Group Annual Workshop. University of Oslo. 11.10.2018.
  • "Incomparability and the case for problem-solving ethics". Methods in Applied Ethics. NTNU. 19.04.2018.
  • "Precaution and fairness". Practical Philosophy Group Annual Workshop. University of Oslo. 23.11.2017.
  • "Risk and evaluative uncertainty". IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science, and Technology. Vancouver, Canada. 14.05.2016.

Courses (current)

BMET4000 – Philosophy of Science and Ethics

Visiting researcher

  • Northeastern University (USA). Fulbright Fellowship. Postponed due to Covid-19.
  • University of British Columbia (Canada). March-May 2017.


  • International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE)
  • American Philosophical Association (APA) – International member
  • Society for Applied Philosophy (SAP)