Background and activities


Fredrik Lund is a professor of architecture. He teaches actively both foundation- and master level courses in architecture with specialization in architectural form and composition.

He runs the regular course Three Houses at master level. The course emphasizes the ability to develop and formulate architectural concepts, through drawings, models and words, and the ability to give shape to these.

fields of competence

Fredrik Lund has broad expertise in architecture and art, especially in the field of form and composition. He has a separate architectural practice and works on art projects, a selection of his works can be seen in the blog, linked to the right.


1986 -                Master of Architecture NTNU (NTH) Trondheim

1989 -                Accepted as member of UKS, Oslo (based on submission of work)

1991 – 1996      Doctorate student at Chalmers CTH, Göteborg.
Thesis: published book: frames, levels - a book on basic architectural design

1999 – 2005      Professor at the form-institute, CTH - architecture Göteborg

2002 – 2006      Visiting professor, KTH Architecture, Stockholm

2002   Spring    Visiting professor NGA, Nanjing, China

2004 – 2007      Visiting professor NTNU Architecture, Trondheim

2007 – onwards Professor Trondheim: NTNU Institute for Architectural Design, Form and Colour Studies

Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database

Journal publications

Artistic productions

  • Lund, Fredrik. (2015) Euro pallet house. La pieza, Madrid, Spain, 2015.
  • Lund, Fredrik. (2015) Friluftsgalleri for kulturlandskap Nordland for Bø i Vesterålen. Bø kommune/kulturlandskap Nordland, Bø i Vesterålen. 2015.
  • Lund, Fredrik. (2015) Informasjonssenter for Bø kommune. Bø kommune, Bø i Vesterålen. 2015.
  • Lund, Fredrik. (2015) Prosjektering to boliger i Rudolf Nilsensvei 2 i Trondheim. Stian Eckhoff. 2015.
  • Lund, Fredrik. (2015) The Mexican series collage/relieff. La pieza, Madrid, Spain, 2015.
  • Lund, Fredrik. (2013) fritidshus atna. fredrik lund,professor ntnu, studio fredrik lund. 2013.
  • Lund, Fredrik. (2013) fritidshus stangvik. fredrik lund,professor ntnu, studio fredrik lund. 2013.
  • Lund, Fredrik. (2008) Ny og ved. 3 i Nord, Mosjøen. 2008.
  • Lund, Fredrik. (2008) "Nytt besøkssenter i Grane kommune". Bidrag i internasjonal arkitektkonkurranse. Tildelt "Hedrende omtale". For mer info se Studio Fredrik Lund. 2008.
  • Lund, Fredrik. (2008) "Nytt besøkssenter på Mosjøen". Studio Fredrik Lund. 2008.
  • Lund, Fredrik; Stendebakken, Mari Oline Giske. (2008) "Just wastin' time" (bidrag i internasjonal arkitektkonkurranse om ny byplan i Larvik indre havn). Studio Fredrik Lund. 2008.


  • Lund, Fredrik. (2013) signs,sounds. 2013.