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  • Fermann, Gunnar. (2019) Coping with Caveats in Coalition Warfare: An Empirical Research Program. Palgrave Macmillan. 2019. ISBN 978-3-319-92518-9.
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  • Fermann, Gunnar. (1997) International politics of climate change : key issues and critical actors. 1997. ISBN 82-00-22711-1.

Part of book/report

  • Fermann, Gunnar; Inderberg, Tor Håkon. (2015) Norway and the 2005 Elektron Affair: Conflict of Competences and Competent Realpolitik. War: An Introduction to Theories and Research on Collective Violence (2nd edition).
  • Fermann, Gunnar. (2014) What is Strategic about Energy? De-simplifying Energy Security. The Political Economy of Renewable Energy and Energy Security: Common Challenges and National Responses in Japan, China and Northern Europe.
  • Fermann, Gunnar. (2011) "Foreword" to "20 Years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall...". 20 Years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Transitions, State Break-Up and Democratic Politics in Central Europe and Germany.
  • Fermann, Gunnar. (2011) Utenrikspolitikk som begrep, intensjon og atferd. Anarki, makt og normer : Innføring i internasjonal politikk.
  • Fermann, Gunnar. (2010) Strategisk ledelse i utenrikspolitisk perspektiv. Strategisk ledelse i krise og krig.