Background and activities

Since Aug 2020 I act as course coordinator for the IID semester in NTNU`s medical doctor educational programme. Prior to this I was chair of the pediatric teaching group and head of exams for the whole study programme, as well as our representative in the work group of our national exam in medicine. I also participate in the project group of NTNU Link (decentralized study of medicine), and i the faculty`s Blackboard group. I evenly tutor medical students on their master`s thesis.

I am also PhD candidate in clinical medicine. In our observational study we are looking into impaired awareness of hypoglycemia in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus. We are also measuring fear of hypoglycemia in these patients and their parents.

An other research topic in my interest is effects of high-intensity interval training where I also have done a randomised trial in cooperation with CERG (NTNU) in my masters thesis.



Medical Doctor 2013

Specializing in pediatrics from 2013

PhD candidate in Medicine, NTNU from 2014

Lecturer, NTNU from March 2018.


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