Background and activities

Area of work


  • TEP4156 Viscous flows and boundary layers (autumn course for MSc students)
  • TEP4112 Turbulent flows (spring course for MSc students)
  • EP8405 Turbulence (for PhD students)

Administrative duties

  • Member of the PhD committee at Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (2012 - ?)


  • Flow of particle-laden suspensions
  • Flow around bluff bodies with focus on complex wake phenomena
  • Flows in rotating systems affected by Coriolis forces
  • Flows in laminar and turbulent boundary layers

Skills and expertise

  • Fluid mechanics of viscous liquids and gases
  • Turbulences, including physics of turbulence, simulations, and mathematical modeling
  • CFD (computational fluid dynamics)



  • M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, NTH, Trondheim 1975
  • Dr.Ing. in Fluidmechanics, Dept. of General Sciences, NTH, Trondheim 1982

Work experience

  • Norwegian Water Resources and Electricity Board, Oslo, 1977-1978
  • Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTN), Trondheim, 1978-1983
  • Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Belgium 1983-1984
  • NTH, now NTNU, 1984 – present (Professor from 1985)
  • NTNU, Head of Department, Division of Mechanics, Thermo- and Fluiddynamics, 1999-2002


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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