Background and activities

Ignacio Catalan is a MD specialist in Gastroenterology. He has worked as a consultant at Hospital Arnau de Vilanova (HAV) in Valencia Spain since 2005. After a clinical stay at Mt. Snai Hospital IBD Unit (NY, USA) in 2011, worked as coordinator of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit at HAV in Valencia, and as associate professor in the University of Valencia, where he got his pHD on Innate Immunology and Crohn´s disease.

Nowadays combines clinical activity at Levanger Hospital in gastroenterology and a post-doc position at NTNU CEMIR (IBD group coordinated by Dr. A.K. Sandvik), with special focus on the pathogenesis of IBD, specially the role of gammadelta T lymphocytes and innate immunity cells and opportunistic infections (Microsporidia), as well as clinical studies in IBD. These studies are partly aticulated in the frame of an international collaboration agreement between NTNU and an IBD research hospital net in Spain.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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