Background and activities

Research Coordinator at the Cancer and Palliative Research Group. The group belongs to the Faculty of Translational Cancer Research, Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine.

Main responsibilities are international study coordination of two research-induced international multi-center drug studies:


A randomized, open-label trial of a Multimodal Intervention (Exercise, Nutrition and Anti-inflammatory Medication) plus standard care versus standard care alone to prevent / attenuate cachexia in advanced cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.



A randomized phase II study comparing atezolizumab after concurrent chemo-radiotherapy with chemo-radiotherapy alone in limited disease small-cell lung cancer

Has a professional background in psychology and pedagogy with a master's degree in neuroscience. Has leave of absence from St. Olavs Hospital as a project coordinator at the National Competency Service for Complex Symptome Disorders (NKSL).



Inger Storaker

Study Coordinator / Research Assistant. MSc.

European Palliative Care Research Centre (PRC)

Faculty of Medicine, NTNU

Kunnskapssenteret 4. fl., Vest

St. Olavs Hospital

N-7006 Trondheim, Norway

Telephone: + 47 72 82 81 42