Background and activities

Academic interests:

  • Medieval textile art
  • Materiality
  • Medieval aesthetics
  • The sacred and the secular
  • Early modern print culture 
  • Contemporary Textile Art 


PhD project

Wrapping the sacred – a study of the materiality and religious significance of ecclesiastical textiles from late medieval Scandinavia, c. 1400 – 1550.

A large number of medieval ecclesiastical textiles are preserved from churches and cathedrals across Scandinavia. These textiles must be contextualised and understood as objects of meaning within the broader field of medieval art history. Although research has been conducted on the technical aspects of ecclesiastical textiles, mainly their techniques, provenance and dating, and their relationship to the broader medieval textile production, few studies have focused on how these textiles functioned as worn clothing and liturgical objects within the medieval church. Alfred Gell has argued that practices of wrapping objects, spaces and bodies are symbolic techniques for protecting and controlling the sacred. The purpose of this study is to explore how ecclesiastical textiles constructed sacred space and sacred bodies in late medieval Scandinavia. The study intends to research how the preserved textiles were used as textile wrappings, and how these strategies of wrapping relate to concepts of sacred space and sacred bodies.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Nødseth, Ingrid Lunnan. (2018) The Linköping Mitre: Ecclesiastical Textiles and Episcopal Identity. Charismatic Objects. From Roman Times to the Middle Ages.
  • Nødseth, Ingrid Lunnan. (2014) Til Guds Ære og kirkens prydelse: 1700-talls interiøret i Gildeskål gamle kirke. Gildeskål gamle kirke. Marmorkirka ved nordvegen.


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