Background and activities

Academic interests:

  • Medieval textile art
  • Materiality
  • Medieval aesthetics
  • The sacred and the secular


PhD project

Why Textiles Matter: - Materiality and Aesthetics of Textile Art in the Norse World c. 1100 – 1540

My objective is to examine the corpus of preserved textile art from the Norse world, specifically liturgical textiles, and discuss these textiles as key objects in constructing and articulating sacred space within the medieval church. Textiles were omnipresent in medieval church interiors.

Entering Nidaros cathedral 800 years ago, there would be a great variety of beautiful textiles both adorning the church and dressing the clergy. Precious silks were used as relic covers; enveloping the holiest objects in the church. Altar cloths and baldachins in luxurious silk brocade and silk damask covered the altar and surrounded shrines and statues. Only a fraction of this rich textile culture is preserved today, and the material is faded and fragmentary. However, the corpus includes textile treasures of international caliber such as the Høyland embroidery, the Baldsihol tapestry and several Icelandic embroidered antependia. The Røn fragment is the closest parallel to the famous Bayeux tapestry, both in technique and style. Textile art has received little scholarly attention throughout the 20th century. Textiles are inevitably connected with the feminine and have thus been marginalized as women’s work, decorative and of secondary value. Norse textile art forms the empirical foundation for this PhD project, which will be the first study of this material in context of New Materiality theories.

This PhD project will give new insight into a part of our visual and material history that has been neglected in previous scholarship, namely the study of liturgical textiles from the Norse world. Internationally, scholars have begun examining and rewriting the history of medieval textile art. This project aims to promote the Norse textiles as a significant part of a broader, European context through international collaborations.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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