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  • Berge, Trond; Melinda, Dinca; Crasovan, Mariana; Lustrea, Anca; Onitiu, Atalia; Fyhn, Håkon; Thomassen, Hans Martin; Ravn, Malin Noem; Tvedt, Geir; Røyrvik, Jens Olgard Dalseth. (2020) ClassroomLab: Classroom Laboratory Reader. 2020. ISBN 978-606-11-7452-2.
  • Røyrvik, Jens Olgard Dalseth; Bjørnsen, Espen Liland. (2004) Glob@lisering: Antropologiske perspektiver Bachelor årboka. 2004. ISBN 82-91782-02-4. Bachelorårboka sos.ant NTNU (1).
  • Røyrvik, Jens Olgard Dalseth. (2003) Bryte Brød: Maten i Kroppen, Vi og de andre. 2003. Bachelorårboka sos.ant NTNU (1).

Part of book/report

  • Almklov, Petter Grytten; Røyrvik, Jens Olgard Dalseth; Ulset, Gro. (2021) Paper trails and procedures in child welfare services. A cultural logic in a professional context. Objectification and Standardization On the Limits and Effects of Ritually Fixing and Measuring Life.
  • Johansen, Jens Petter Kirkhus; Røyrvik, Jens Olgard Dalseth. (2021) How waste becomes value: the new ecology of surplus heat exchange in Norwegian industry. Research Handbook of Innovation for a Circular Economy.
  • Johansen, Jens Petter Kirkhus; Røyrvik, Jens Olgard Dalseth; Gjøsund, Gudveig. (2019) What’s the magic word? What we talk about when we talk about energy efficiency. eceee 2019 Summer Study on energy efficiency: Is efficienct sufficient?.